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30 Days of Madness, Day 26 — Triangle (2009)

by Tom Kapr

Wherein I attempt to watch one new-to-me horror film every day of October till Halloween and write a quick review. I will end my review with a letter grade like we do on our podcast (A, B, C, D, or F–pluses and minuses are for the non-committal!) and with the movie’s rank on my Flickchart.


Writer/director Christopher Smith has crafted one of the twistiest thrillers in recent memory. Melissa George plays the mother of an autistic child who just wants to have a day away at sea with a guy who frequents the diner where she works. But they sail into the Bermuda Triangle, get hit by a freak storm, and then picked up by a cruise ship. Things get weird from there, and to say anything more specifically from there would be a spoiler of the criminal kind.

The other two films that come to mind while watching this are Shane Carruth’s Primer and the Ashton Kutcher vehicle The Butterfly Effect.  This film will take a long time, and possibly repeated viewings, to process, so at the moment I’m not sure if it’s closer to the logic of Primer, where maybe you can’t follow all of it but it still feels like it makes sense; or the illogic of The Butterfly Effect, where certain moments were concocted merely for shock effect at the cost of the integrity of the story. I do feel like the story has some cracks that start to show the more I think about it, but I’ve rarely so enjoyed thinking about a film, so that in itself is a plus.

It helps that the film is patiently and painstakingly directed, and that Melissa George is a fine actor to take on the complex emotional demands of her character.

Final grade: B

My Flickchart ranking: #782 (out 3271, a relative 76/100)

A Year of Movies

3. 30 Days of Night (2007)

Cast: Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Danny Huston, Ben Foster, Mark Boone Junior, Mark Rendall, Manu Bennett, Megan Franich. Screenplay by Steve Niles and Stuart Beattie and Brian Nelson; adapted from the comic by Steve Niles and Ben Templesmith. Directed by David Slade.

Sunday, January 2, 23:00.

Nate had shown up part-way through About a Boy. After spending time going over our podcast archives (which is a hilarious thing to do), we sat down to watch one of the few good vampire movies, 30 Days of Night. This is possibly the only really good vampire film of the past decade. Going back further, there was Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula in 1992, Neil Jordan’s Interview with the Vampire in 1994, and 2000′s Shadow of the Vampire. Good vampire films are rare, and they’re becoming rarer. I saw 30 Days of Night at the cinema when it first came out three years ago, and even then I remember being thankful for a good vampire movie. I liked it then, and after my second viewing, I still like it, though now I am more aware of its pacing and timeline problems. I can cut a film a lot of slack if it offers something unique in its vision and style, and 30 Days of Night does that. Hartnett and George are good protagonists, and Danny Huston is one of the all-time scariest villains. Netflix rating: 4/5 stars. IMDb rating: 8/10 stars. Flickchart rank: 652/2174 films (Top 1000). Learn more about the movie: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0389722/

–Tom Kapr