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30 Days of Madness, Day 30: Sugar Hill

Sugar Hill (1974) Written by Tim Kelly. Directed by Paul Maslansky. Starring Marki Bey, Don Pedro Colley.

Marki Bey is Sugar Hill.

Sugar Hill is a decently entertaining blaxploitation zombie flick. Diana Hill’s fiancée is murdered by a business competitor who wants to take over his lucrative Club Haiti. Hill calls on the god Baron Samedi and his army of zombies to help her take revenge on the gangsters. Samedi cries, “Awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!” to his undead minions, former Guinean slaves who rise from their graves to do their master’s bidding. From there it gets all, “Hey Whitie, you and your punk friends killed my man!” Marki Bey is ferociously foxy as Diana “Sugar” Hill, and Don Pedro Colley is delightfully deranged as the Baron Samedi. Here is how the villains bite the dust (spoiler alert, obviously):

Don Pedro Colley is Baron Samedi.

Henchman #1: Death by machetes at the hands of the zombie horde. His body is found first. His head is found later.

Henchman #2: Death by hogs. Thrown into the pen by the zombies, the other white meat eats the other other white meat. Mm-mmm. “I hope they’re into white trash.”

Henchman #3: Death by dagger–by his own hand, but not of his own will. His heart later shows up on his boss’s doorstep.

Henchman #4: Death by razor blade–drawn across the throat of his voodoo doll.

"I said a hip, hop, the hippie to the hippie to the hip hip hop and ya don't stop...."

Henchman #5: Death by snakes. The zombies shut him up in coffin full of snakes. Non-poisonous snakes. Non-poisonous snakes that make rattling sounds without rattles.

Henchman #6: Death by asphyxiation. Choked to death by zombies on a table in a massage parlor.

The boss: Death by… quicksand? Okay….

The boss’s girlfriend: Taken as a prize by Baron Samedi to be his new bride.

My Netflix rating: It’s actually a fairly well-made hour-and-a-half diversion, but 2 stars (out of 5) seems reasonable.

–Tom Kapr