Stephen Lang returning for Avatar sequels: Seriously?!

By Brian Slattery

Stephen Lang has signed on to all three Avatar sequels, reprising his role as Colonel Quaritch. You’re probably reading this thinking, “Brian, we’ve already read this in multiple places.” Well, I’m not here to break this news; I’m commenting on it.

Quaritch died in Avatar. He was shot with two very large arrows, right in the chest, dying quite convincingly. (I’m looking at you, Marion Cotillard.)


Quaritch, seen here dying convincingly.

Quaritch, seen here dying quite convincingly.


Now he’s coming back as the primary villain for the remainder of the franchise. This isn’t what has me upset. His performance — no matter how cliché – was one of the brightest stars in Avatar. What truly has me bothered is what James Cameron is saying about his return:

I’m not going to say exactly how we’re bringing him back, but it’s a science fiction story, after all.

Let me guess, we’ll have a cross between Agent Smith’s return in The Matrix and Sigourney Weaver’s return as Grace in the first film. Ooh boy, a sci-fi resurrection baby. That or there will be a clone.


"I ain't got time to... be dead...."

“I ain’t got time to be dead.”


Is James Cameron really that strapped for ideas that he cannot come up with another villain for this franchise? Some other military figure behind the scenes of the first film? Something other than what we’ll end up getting?


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