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Webstuffs — Mr. Spielberg & Dr. Jones

Raiders of the Lost Ark is my favorite film ever, #1 on my Flickchart, and probably the film that has contributed more to my love of cinema than any other. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is so close to the first Indiana Jones film in quality that, aside from a handful of very specific problems, it is also one of my favorite films. And I am a bit of a Temple of Doom apologist, though I will admit it is far from perfect.

Like so many who grew up on the Indiana Jones legend, I looked forward to the long-awaited fourth adventure starring Harrison Ford as the reluctant adventurer with bated breath, only to be disappointed by the final product. (Although, unlike the hordes who dismiss it is pure garbage, my grievances are more localized. I happen to think it also displays some of the most amazing stunt work ever to grace the silver screen, as well some of the best Indiana Jones moments of the series.)

"I'm going after a find of incredible historical significance, you're talking about little green men!"

That said, I still have hope for a fifth installment, but it is cautious hope. (Spielberg and Lucas have hurt me before.)

Here are a couple of short articles on the not-yet-announced fifth Indiana Jones film. My reactions? Someone needs to remind Lucas that Indiana Jones is a genre, and someone perhaps needs to advise Spielberg to fire Michael Bay from the Transformers franchise.


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Webstuffs — “The world’s only turkey-monster anti-drug pro-Jesus gore film!”

Hello, Rant Pad readers. In honor of Thanksgiving (though it’s a dubious honor at best), and because I simply haven’t had time this week to work on an article of my own, I present to you an old personal favorite. I discovered the Agony Booth in late 2006, though it had been around since January of 2002, and it quickly became one of my favorite sites on the web. Having long been a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanatic, I was in bad-movie-lover heaven when I came across this site that did in-depth written reviews of bad, bad movies–often scene-by-scene recaps, in true masochistic bad-movie-lover style. Without a doubt one of the lowest quality and most bizarre films reviewed on this site is “the world’s only turkey-monster anti-drug pro-Jesus gore film,” Blood Freak. I am so hoping to review this film for myself someday, but until I get my hands on a copy of this obscure rarity, re-reading this article will have to suffice. But it does more than suffice–it makes me laugh out loud each time I revisit it. Enjoy your turkey, and Happy Thanksgiving.


Webstuffs — John Landis & monster movies

This is a new feature to the Rant Pad where I bring attention to good movie-related articles from other sites around the Web.

I’m a sucker for monster movies, and An American Werewolf in London is one of the all-time best, so when I found this Underwire article by Angela Watercutter in which director John Landis talks about his new book Monsters in the Movies, I had to share.

For my own part, I absolutely love those pre-CGI special effects films from the 80s when directors and their makeup and special effects artists had be really innovative with practical, in-camera effects. Few sequences in the history of horror cinema are as memorable and effective as the transformation scene in An American Werewolf in London. At 30 years old, that scene still puts recent garbage like Universal’s The Wolfman remake to shame. (For a bonus, here’s another related article from the A.V. Club that made me smile quite a bit.)

You can read Watercutter’s article here. Enjoy.